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How To Preserve Our Preserved Fresh Flowers?

1. With the advanced technique and means to keep the preserved flower fresh and without watering, placed in shady room is appropriate.

2. The preserved flower should avoid be putting in the place where is too wet or too dry.

3. The preserved flower do not need to undertake photosynthesis and should avoid direct sunlight. 4. Gently brushing away the dust on the Preserved flowers with soft dry brush, or using a hair dryer with cool breeze.

4. Watering or touching with hand frequently should be avoid. 

5. Please don't touch, pull or squeeze the flower and its petal hard with your hand.

6. Please handle it carefully to avoid it fall off from above.

7. Don't put it upside down no matter what the circumstances.

8. It is normal phenomenon that the flowers have slight odor, which can be completely eliminated by opening the lip for a few days.

9. Avoid placing in strong air conditioning fan or strong air vents. 

10. The flowers should not be contact with water, steam or water mist directly.

11. The flowers should not be placed under wet conditions, like in a bathroom.

12. It is feasible dehumidify for flower by putting a surplus of food desiccant.

13. Soft brush can be used to remove debris, such as dust power.

14. Debris such as dust power can be removed lightly by an air blower 20cm away from it.

15. Immortality would normally last three years or more!



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